Manufacturing & Materials for Extremes

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou's Lab at Purdue University

Principal Investigator:

Xiaoyuan Lou
      Associate Professor in Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University (2022 - present)
      Associate Professor in Materials Engineering By Courtesy, Purdue University (2022 - present)
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      Office: LMBS 5262       Phone: 765-496-2327

      Prior Experiences:
      Associate Professor, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA
      Materials Scientist, GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY, USA
      Ph.D, Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA
      M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA
      B.S., Physics, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Graduate Researchers:

Jingfan Yang
      PhD student in Materials Engineering
      Research: Additive manufacturing, nuclear materials, environmentally-assisted cracking and radiation, high-throughput alloy development

Qingyu Pan
      PhD student in Materials Engineering
      Research: Additive manufacturing, Al alloy, high-throughput alloy development

John Snitzer
      PhD student in Nuclear Engineering, DOE UNLP fellowship
      Research: Additive manufacturing, nuclear material, irradiation assisted environmental cracking

Evan McDermott
      MS with thesis in Nuclear Engineering
      Research: IASCC, nuclear material, additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy

Chenglu Tang
      PhD student in Materials Engineering
      Research: Additive manufacturing, grain boundary engineering, nuclear material

Aleena Masaeng
      MS with thesis in Materials Engineering
      Research: Additive manufacturing, Al alloy development

Qianwen Zhang
      PhD student in Nuclear Engineering
      Research: Material degradation in nuclear system, alloy development, additive manufacturing

Undergraduate Researchers:

Peter Suarez (Undergraduate Research Scholarship)

Group Alumni:

Josh Le - M.S with Thesis, Auburn University (2020-2022).

Houshang Yin - Ph.D., Auburn University (2018-2022).

Catherine McConatha - M.S.(non-Thesis), Auburn University (2020-2022).

Gregory Steiger - M.S.(non-Thesis), Auburn University (2020-2022).

Ricardo Vinicius Barroso Gomes - M.S.(non-Thesis), Auburn University (2021-2022).

Dr. Pu Deng - PhD (co-advisor), Auburn University (2018-2020). Current position: R&D Engineer, Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies Co., Ltd., China

Ilkin Hajiyev - M.S.(non-Thesis), Auburn University (2019-2020)

Catherine McConatha - CoE Undergraduate Research Fellow, Auburn University (2019-2020). Current position: Associate Engineer, ArcelorMittal

Micah Pavcik - Undergraduate Researcher, Auburn University (2020)

Samir Freij - Undergraduate Researcher, Auburn University (2018)

Prof. Jiangfeng Song - Visiting Scholar, Auburn University (2018)
      Associate Professr, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China