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Current Postdocs

Current Students

  • Ph.D. Students (7)
    • Wonse Jo in CIT
    • Shyam Sundar Kannan in CIT
    • Su Sun in CIT
    • Go-Eum Cha in CIT
    • Roman Ibrahimov in CIT
    • Vishnunandan Venkatesh in CIT
    • Ruiqi Wang in CIT
  • M.S. Students (1)
    • Jeremy Pan in CIT
  • Undergraduate Students (2)
    • Pou Hei Chan in AAE
    • Revanth Krishna Senthilkumaran in FYE
  • Postdocs (4)
    • Ahreum Lee (2020, co-mentored with Dr. Colin Gray and Dr. Austin Toombs; First Position: University of Eastern Finland as a Postdoc)
    • Yogang Singh (2019, co-mentored with Dr. Jose Garcia and Dr. Brittany Newell; First position: Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven as a Postdoc)
    • Yuting Chen (2019, co-mentored with Dr. Jiansong Zhang; First position: University of North Carolina at Charlotte as an Assistant Professor)
    • Ramviyas Parasuraman in CIT (2018, First position: University of Georgia as an Assistant Professor)
  • Ph.D. Students (5)
    • Jun Han Bae in CIT and SoET (2021, co-advised with Dr. Richard Voyles; First position: UIUC as a Postdoc)
    • Sangjun Lee in CIT (2021)
    • Manoj Penmetcha in CIT (2021, First position: NCC and Multiscale Technologies as a Director)
    • Tamzidul Mina in ME (2020, co-advised with Dr. Galen King; First position: Sandia National Lab as a Postdoc)
    • Shaocheng Luo in CIT (2020, First position: University of Alberta as a Postdoc)
  • M.S. Students (5)
    • Go-Eum Cha in CIT (2020, First position: Purdue for her Ph.D)
    • Jeehwan Park in ME (2020, co-advised with Dr. Galen King; First position: LG Innotek)
    • Shyam Sundar Kannan in CIT (2019, First position: Purdue for his Ph.D)
    • Yeonju Oh in CIT (2018, First position: LG Electronics)
    • Arabinda Samantaray in CIT (2018, First position: Cisco)
  • Undergraduate Students (9)
    • Jaeeun Kim in SoET (2021)
    • Yuta Hoashi in ME (2020, First position: CMU for his M.S.)
    • Walter Kruger in SoET (2020, First position: GE and University of Michigan for his M.S.)
    • Andrew Sakai in MET (2020)
    • Yu-Shi (UC) Wang in ME (2019, First position: UC Berkeley for his M.S.)
    • Robert Osborne in CIT (2018, First position: USAA)
    • Jeehwan Park in ME (2018, First position: Purdue for his M.S.)
    • Yongbum Cho in ME (2017, First position: Samsung Electronics)
    • Dong Hun Lee in MET (2017)

Note: I am currently looking for strong and motivated undergraduate and graduate students. If you are interested in, please check here.



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