Inflate and Pop a Balloon.

Task: Inflate and Pop a Balloon

Theme: Rube's Revisited

Step Count: 300

Result: Won 1st place at the Regional Competition. Won the People’s Choice at the Regional Competition. Took 2nd Place at the National Competition.

Discussion: Due to issues with the venue, the machine was subject to a constant rocking. This vibration caused minor interventions during the runs. Unfortunatly, we were unable to complete a perfect run during competition. After, the judging had been completed we had a succesful perfect run. This run, along with others we had previously, led to us re-breaking the Guiness Record.

First perfect run of the Guiness Book of World record breaking machine

After an unimaginably long work night, we finally got our first perfect run at 1 AM.


New Fin Design

In order to have enough room for all the steps, we had to build modules on rotating panels. This meant that certain modules needed to be able to flip 360 degrees without issue.

Boiler and Steam engine

Being Purdue students, we thought it best to build our own boiler and steam engine Rube Goldberg style. Most of the parts are scrapped from coffee machines, an oven, and some spare gears.