MAES History- Purdue Chapter

The Society of Mexican American Engineers & Scientists(MAES) was founded in Los Angeles in 1974 to increase the number of Mexican Americans and other Latinos in the technical and scientific fields. Today, MAES is nationwide organization whose mission is to promote, cultivate, and honor excellence in education and leadership among Latino engineers and scientists. By projecting the positive image of its members and their accomplishments, MAES helps to improve the perception of Mexican Americans.  By providing a networking and nurturing environment, members are able to develop and hone their leadership, communication, management, and technical skills while improving the educational state of America. MAES membership includes both students, and professionals throughout the United States from many backgrounds no just Mexican American.

MAES was founded at Purdue on March 24, 2009 by four student leaders: Hermes Perez, Javier Esquivel, Vicente Garcia, and Alejandro Villanueva. Since then, MAES has been growing strong reaching out to not only Latino-Americans, but other ethnic groups on campus. We have been involved in many events and programs, including professional development, networking through corporate sponsors, cultural enrichment, and engineering/science based competitions. Most importantly, MAES has been able to create the "familia" feeling for its diverse membership. Many cultures, One familia.


MAES: A Society of Latino Engineers & Scientists- Purdue MAES History