Elastic light scatter

Elastic Light Scatter for Bacterial Recognition

Description of the technology

The majority of tools for microbial recognition and classification (e.g., ELISA, PCR) are based on physiological or genetic properties of microorganisms. However, there is an enormous interest in devising label-free and reagentless methods that would operate utilizing the biophysical signatures of microbial samples without the need for labeling and reporting biochemistry. Elastic light scattering (ELS) - one of the most fundamental optical processes whereby electromagnetic waves are forced to deviate from a straight trajectory by non-uniformities in the medium that they traverse - can be employed to provide an inexpensive, yet remarkably accurate implementation of the label-free phenotypic classification concept. The Purdue's ELS-based system provides noninvasive, label-free identification and classification of bacterial colonies in real-time. The speed of operation surpasses those offered by any existing phenotypic or metabolic classification platform.

In a semi-automated ELS reader, Petri-dishes containing bacterial colonies are placed in the plate holder, and a colony map of the plate is immediately acquired. Subsequently, a laser beam sequentially interrogates each preselected colony and generates unique scatter signature at a speed of about one colony per second (U.S. patent US7465560B2).

The acquired patterns are decomposed using unique proprietary feature extraction methodology (U.S. patent US8787633B2) and compared to the models in the library for identification utilizing machine learning techniques. Multiple studies demonstrated the ability to detect and classify pathogens from inoculated or naturally contaminated food samples validating the ELS application to biosecurity and biosurveillance.

The research use and testing of the ELS instruments at USDA-ARS laboratories resulted in generating ELS signature libraries for serovars of Salmonella and strains of Shiga-toxin producing E. coli, as well as Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella spp., Listeria spp., and many other organisms.

Demonstration of the technology

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Label free microbial detection

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Issued patents

  • US7465560B2 - System and method for rapid detection and characterization of bacterial colonies using forward light scattering

  • US8787633B2 - System and method of organism identification

Provisional patents

  • US Patent Application number 15/515,499 - Organism identification

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