Educational activities


As a research faculty member, I have not been engaged directly in teaching (i.e., lecturing) activities at Purdue University. Although every year I am invited as a guest lecturer to teach the data/image analysis section of the advanced microscopy (BMS524) and occasionally cytometry (BMS 631) courses offered at the School of Veterinary Medicine, my very active educational ventures necessarily concentrate outside of Purdue.

I have developed and for many years directed the ISAC-sponsored (International Society for Advancement of Cytometry) image-cytometry course offered as a pre-conference opportunity during the annual meeting of the society. Subsequently, I served on the educational committee of ISAC, working with other volunteers on the society’s educational agenda. For the last several years, I have also been involved in educational projects of the SBI2 (Society for Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics), teaching courses on multispectral imaging, and assay statistics and validation.

I gladly accept teaching opportunities in the area of biological data science (statistical interpretation of biological data, statistical data interpretation of high-throughput analysis, applications of machine learning to high content screening and cytometry, biological experiment design, etc.)

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