Sample Review


One of the common questions we are asked, especially by first time reviewers, is to describe our expectations for reviews completed for IJPBL. As a rule, a general answer would be: the more detailed, the better. Our rubrics use check boxes for a quick-reference, but we really prefer that, beyond the check boxes, our reviewers use the comment space available for detailed analysis. It is the written comments that almost always prove to be the most useful to both our editors, for making a decision, and our authors, for making revisions. Some reviewers also send along annotated manuscripts, which are very useful, as well.

Below, find four links to PDF documents. The first is an original manuscript submission, the next two are reviews for that manuscript, and the last link is the revised version that was accepted for publication. Together, these documents illustare the typical process a manuscript goes through, from initial submission to an accepted draft.

Original submission

Review 1

Review 2

Accepted final draft

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Updated 3/21/2008