Reviewer FAQ

Why was I selected to review this manuscript?

The editors use many criteria when selecting reviewers, including the relevance of your background and how long it has been since you've reviewed for us.

When is my review due?
Due dates should be included in your invitation email. They are generally one month after the invitation has been sent out.

What am I expected to include with my review?
Along with the manuscript in your invitation email, you should also be given a rubric in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Reviewers will be expected to complete the rubric and register a decision of Accept with Minor Revisions, Accept with Major Revisions, or Not Acceptable. Besides simply checking the boxes on the rubric, we've also included spaces for comments. These comments are usually what is the most beneficial for our authors and editors, so please fill in those comment boxes. Comments may also be written on the manusript itself, but you will either need to scan or mail the manuscript when your review is completed.

What if something comes up and I cannot make my deadline?
If you have any difficulties in meeting your review deadline, please don't hesitate to Chris Mong (

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Updated 8/31/2007