Jim Lehman's Courses

The following courses are ones that have been taught by Dr. Lehman at various times. Follow the links to see further information such as course syllabi and readings. Note: some courses were taught many years ago, and so the information may not reflect current course syllabi and activities.

EDCI 51300, Foundations of Learning Design and Technology

EDCI 56400, Integration and Management of Computers in Education

EDCI 56800, Educational Applications of the Internet

EDCI 56900, Introduction to e-Learning

EDCI 57300, Learning Design and Technology Practicum

EDCI 59100, C&I Doctoral Seminar I

EDCI 59100, Publishing Research in Learning Design and Technology

EDCI 62700, PBL in the Math/Science Classroom

EDCI 66000, Learning Design and Technology Seminar

EDCI 66300, Interactive Video and Multimedia

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