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My research investigates the link between phonetics and phonology. I am interested in the ways phonetic factors can drive phonological typology, as well as the ways phonological factors can affect the phonetic properties of the sounds. Recently, I have been focusing on the issues of acoustic and perceptual distinctiveness of the phonological contrast, in particular with respect to the contrastive consonant duration and voicing. My research also explores the interaction between the sound systems of the first and second languages, especially in the domain of obstruent voicing.


Speech Perception and Cognitive Effort (SPACE) Lab (Purdue U)

Stanford Linguistics Laboratory

The Univeristy of Kansas Phonetics and Psycholingustics Laboratory (KUPPL)


Perception and Production of  Secondary Cues to Voicing

Geminate Typology and the Perception of Consonant Length

Final Voicing and Devoicing: Incomplete neutralization and L2 acquisition

Audience Design and Non-native Speech

Obligatory Contour Principle (OCP) in English CVC syllables

Mathematical bases of Constraint-based Approaches to Phonology