MAES: A Society of Latino Engineers & Scientists- Purdue Chapter

MAES Scholarships:

The purpose of the MAES Scholarship Program is to increase the number of Hispanic students completing their higher education goals. Student Excellence Scholarships are available on a competitive basis to MAES student members in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The scholarship applicants are selected on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, leadership, community service, personal qualities, and completeness of application.

Student Excellence Scholarships are announced annually during the MAES Symposium. The scholarship categories are:

• Padrino/Madrina Scholarship – Three (3) in the amount of $4,000
• Graduate Scholarship – One (1) in the amount of $3,000
• Founders Scholarship – One (1) in the amount of $2,500
• Presidential Scholarship – One (1) in the amount of $2,500
• Pipeline Scholarship – Two (2) in the amount of $1,000
• General Scholarship – Many in the amount of $1,000 or $2,000

All applicants are eligible to receive a General Scholarship, however, to receive a top award the applicant must be in attendance at the MAES Symposium during the Medalla de Oro & Bravo Awards Gala Banquet and the Scholars’ Dinner. Top awards include the categories of Padrino/Madrina, Founders, Presidential, Graduate, and Pipeline.
Application Packet
Complete scholarship application packets must be submited as a single package and include the following components:

•MAES Scholarship Application Form with all sections completed by the student
• MAES Scholarship Institution Certification Form completed by a representative of the Financial Aid Office
• MAES Scholarship Recommendation Form from one or two individuals of the student’s choice
• School Transcript from current semester showing all enrolled, completed, and transferred credits (unofficial is prefered)

Please keep in mind:

• Packets will not be accepted if sent via electronic mail. Applications will be disqualified.
• Packets will not be accepted if hand delivered. Applications will be disqualified.

Complete scholarship application packets must be submitted (postmarked) on/before September 11, 2010. No exceptions/extensions will be made. The complete packet must arrive within 10 business days after the application deadline to be eligible. Applications arriving after this date will ineligible.