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This site was created by Purdue University Advance Rhetoric students under the direction of Professor Dr. Michael Salvo, in collaboration with the Tippecanoe County Historical Association.

Purdue University English Department
(765) 494-3740

Kathy Atwell
TCHA Executive Director
(765) 476-8411 ext. 208

Contact Title Email
Professor Michael J. Salvo English 470 and 515 Instructor
Professor Jenny Bay English 488 Professional Writing Internship Instructor
Karen K-Lee @SEA Instructor
Mark Hannah @SEA Instructor
@SEA Spring 2008 Interns
Erin Wilson Web Projects Podcast Manager
Adam Strantz Web Projects Online Exhibit Manager
Joelle Prokupek Web Projects @SEA Project Home Manager
Amy Leigh Schutts Day at the Feast Book Manager
Faris Habayeb Day at the Feast Book Manager
Valerie Nyczak TCHA Grants and Research Manager
Steven Longenecker TCHA Promotional Items Manager
Elizabeth Below Tippecanoe County History Book Manager